Linux Software Map: TinyFugue

  • Version: 3.0 alpha 21
  • Entered-date: 1996-01-01
  • Description: This is a MUD, MUCK, MOO, LPMUD, etc client. It provides buffered I/O and (optionally) split-screen interaction, as well as macro, auto-trigger, hiliting, and programming capabilities. This seems to be one of the more popular and powerful clients for the MU*s, though certainly not the only one. The recent addition of more programming constructs has made it a very nice tool. 200730 tf-3.0.tgz
  • Keywords: client MUD MUCK MU*
  • Author: -or- hawkeye@glia.biostr. (Ken Keys)
  • Maintained-by: -or- hawkeye@glia.biostr.
  • Copying-policy: see files in archive
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