Linux Software Map: XEmacs

  • Version: 19.13
  • Entered-date: 1995-09-03
  • Description: XEmacs software product. It is a different version of Emacs with better support for X11. I like it.
  • xemacs-19.13-i486-unknown-linuxaout-motif.tar.gz/
  • xemacs-19.13-i486-unknown-linuxelf.tar.gz/
  • xemacs-19.13-i486-unknown-linuxelf-try2.tar.gz/
  • 1.2/
  • xemacs-19.13-common.tar.gz/
  • ((alsoincluded)
  • (anumber)
  • (solaris,and)
  • Keywords: emacs XEmacs X11 editor
  • Author: Chuck Thompson Ben Wing And many other contributors...
  • Maintained-by: This particualr version was compiled by
  • aout:t: William Perry ( and
  • elf:f: James LewisMoss (
  • Platforms: The ditribution consists of two of three (now four) files. The common file is needed for whatever distribution you use. It contains platform independent files for XEmacs. The other three files are for aout and elf platforms.
  • version: is from the readme for the aout version: This directory contains Linux 1.3.x (a.out) executables for XEmacs 19.13. These were compiled with Motif 2.0, X11R6, XPM, X-Face, -m486 -O optimization, and have all libraries statically linked.
  • readme:e is from the elf readme: This directory contains Linux ELF executables for XEmacs 19.13. These were compiled with XPM, X-Face, native sound support, full optimization ("-O2 -m486 -pipe"), and have system libraries dynamically linked and all others statically linked. The dynamically linked libraries include libc (v5), libm (v5), libtermcap (v2), libncurses (v5) and the X11R6 libs (not including Xpm). If you do not have XFree86 3.1 or above installed on your system, you will not be able to run this binary. -- the 'try2' file In my thoughtlessness I dynamically linked the binary against a library that was not generally available. This corrects that oops. It is statically compiled with ncurses so you do not need the ncurses 'v5' dynamic libs. Sorry.
  • Copying-policy: GNU GPL
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