Linux Software Map: XFree86 ET4000 W32 server upgrade for W32p cards with 16 bit

  • Version: 3.1.1-1
  • Entered-date: 1995-08-06
  • Description: This package contains an (extensive) patch against the XFree86-3.1.1-1 sources (as found on disc 4 of Infomagic's developer's resource of March 95). Its purpose is to support W32p boards with a 16-bit ICS5341 GenDAC. This card _should_ have the same capabilities as, say an S3-864 card. Only... the standard XFree86 W32 server doesn't support _any_ special DAC features. This server has been tested on a W32p PCI card with ICS5341 gendac at pixel clock speeds up to 150 MHz (the specs say that 135 MHz is maximum, but that's what specs are for...) using pixel multiplexing. This server can do 1280x1024 @ 75 Hz and even 1280x1024 @ 90 Hz. A little tweaking can even give you
  • are:00x1200 @ 60 Hz... Included are: a precompiled server (a.out format), the patch against the original sources and a small text explaining the changes.
  • ftp://sunsite.unc.edupub/Linux/utils/console
  • ftp://sunsite.unc.edupub/Linux/utils/console/XF86_W32_gendac.tar.gz (400k)
  • Keywords: SVGA XFree86 XF86_W32 XFREE GenDAC ICS5341 ET4000
  • Author: (Koen Gadeyne)
  • Maintained-by: (Koen Gadeyne)
  • Platforms: ET4000W32p card with 16-bit GenDAC (e.g. ICS5341)
  • Copying-policy: Freely Redistributable
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