Linux Software Map: XRay

  • Version: 1.0
  • Entered-date: 1997-04-17
  • Description: XRay is a program in which you can visualize 3D bodies with various optical properties. It can handle objects such as polygons, spheres, ellipsoids and torii. This tool uses the
  • sources: following light sources: point, ray and surface.
  • algorithms: You can represent your data using the following algorithms: z-buffer, raytracing, enhanced radiosity or a two phase method. The package contains two main programs. One generates the scene, and the other is the user interface for the raytracer. If you have installed the linuxthread package, you can use the mulithreaded version. Before starting please read the documentation in /usr/src/doc/xray/doku/
  • Keywords: raytracing grafik radiosity visualize
  • Author: Helmut Fahrion
  • Maintained-by: Helmut Fahrion
  • Platforms: Linux
  • Copying-policy: GPL
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