Linux Software Map: Xasteroids

  • Version: 0.3pl1 ALPHA
  • Entered-date: 1996-01-01
  • Description: A simple, vector asteroids for X windows. Has some fun things however, for example it has a shield that things bounce off of.. but you get momentum too. ok, it's simple.. but if you recompile with shared libs (remove the '-s' from the compile line) and strip(1) it, it's pretty small. Sometimes the simple things in life are good. 32969 xasteroids.tgz
  • Keywords: X game asteroids vector graphics toy
  • Author: goetz@cs.buffalo.EDU (Phil Goetz)
  • Maintained-by: goetz@cs.buffalo.EDU
  • Copying-policy: see README in archive, free to distriibute as long as author's name remains attached to it.
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