Linux Software Map: Xsox

  • Version: 1.02 (BETA)
  • Entered-date: 1996-07-27
  • Description: An X-windows frontend for the SOX Sound Converter with sliders buttons etc instead of nasty commandlines. Can do echo, (band) filtering, resampling , conversion between a dozen sound formats and much more. Build with the fantastic Xforms toolkit by Mark Overmars and T.C. Zhao. version 1.02 : This version allows multiple effects at the same time by forking multiple sox processes !
  • Keywords: sox sound Xforms
  • Author: (Kees Lemmens)
  • Platforms: This version: linux on 345-86. Also compiled on HPUX and Solaris.
  • Copying-policy: Only NON-COMMERCIAL distribution allowed. Redistribution of modified versions by other people than myself is not allowed. However, commercial use is no problem as long as the software is NOT being commercially distributed. Please send your contributions, bugreports, hints etc. to the author. Thanks !
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