Linux Software Map: Yet Another RayTracer, IOM

  • Version: .070
  • Entered-date: 1996-01-01
  • Description: this is a NICE raytracer for X-win, it uses tcl/tk. YART is a ray tracing shell, like wish, but it's for raytracing, IOM is a front end with an interactive shape manipulator. it looks very snappy. i thought i'd put up this binary 'cause it took about forever to compile and the libs are HUGE. (total ~5M) you have to set GOOD_ROOT_DIR to whatever and install this under it. (i have mine in /opt/devel/GOOD) since the new X11 should be out soon, i'm not sure how useful this will be with you bleeding edgers, but i have x11r6 (:), yeah, i'm one of 'em), so when i get time, i'll compile it there, as well as have the information on the authors and stuff..
  • Keywords: GOOD YART Ray raytracer X11R5 X
  • Copying-policy: it's free. I really can't remember exactly where i got it, but you can ask archie. it's home's site name has metallica in it, and it's overseas. (I'm in the US)
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