Linux Software Map: ZyXEL

  • Version: 1.4
  • Entered-date: 1994-09-15
  • Description: A control program for the ZyXEL U-1496 series MODEMs for use with the Linux operating system (and other UNIX-like systems) This program manages the use of the ZyXEL MODEM for dial-in dial-out, dial-back security, sending/receiving FAXes and answering machine (voice mailbox) It should be possible to port the program to other UNIX systems. Please send me patches if you have done so. ZyXEL U-1496 series modem, system running Linux or SVR4, sufficiently fast to handle 38400bps serial I/O. (my system is a 486/33 with Adaptec 1542B SCSI ctrlr, it works using a 16450 UART with this setup!) ?
  • Keywords: ZyXEL voice data fax modem
  • Author: ( R.E. Janssen (PE1CHL))
  • Copying-policy: Noncommercial distribution and use only
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