Linux Software Map: athena-inetd. inetd with switched servi

  • Version: 5.30+
  • Entered-date: 1996-01-01
  • Description: This is a modification of inetd 5.30 to accomodate Athena- style switchable services. A column added to inetd.conf shows each service as on or off or switched. Switched services can be turned on and off by the non-privileged user by means of a program which sends signals to inetd. Athena workstations normally don't permit remote logins, telnet connections, etc. but the user may want to switch these services on and back off again athena-inetd-5.30.tar.gz
  • Keywords: inetd Athena
  • Author: (BSD inetd 5.30, work by Jonathan Kamens, ported by Jim Haynes) athena-inetd-5.30.tar.gz
  • Copying-policy: BSD copyright
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