Linux Software Map: bdash

  • Version: 0.30 for LinuX
  • Entered-date: 1996-01-01
  • Description: Clone of the famous B*ulderDash game for LinuX. Using digitized sound and 256 colour graphics. Supports soundblaster and/or PC-speaker with app. drivers. If you do not have a soundcard you SHOULD get the sound driver for the internal speaker,
  • de:ritten by Michael Beck. e.g. /pub/os/linux/hu-sound/pcsndrv* Bdash does not require a sound device but is less fun without.
  • bdash030.tgz/
  • Keywords: games bdash
  • Author: (Karsten Ballueder)
  • Maintained-by:
  • bdash030.tgz/
  • Copying-policy: GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE All rights reserved by the author
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