Linux Software Map: cdiff

  • Version: 0.03 alpha
  • Entered-date: 1996-01-01
  • Description: cdiff takes two directories, and compares their contents. It detects unique files, and files of different modes, owenerships, time, etc.
  • Keywords: color xterm keybuffer cursor blinking buffer keyboard
  • Author: (Brandon S. Allbery)
  • Maintained-by:
  • Platforms: developed under Linux, probably works on other platforms with littl desired, with the menu selections available to avoid compatibility problems. xterm binary and app-defaults and patches provided. This is a patch to the stock X11R5 xterm source, plus a binary built from the patched source. Undefining BSAHAX will produce a stock R5 xterm.
  • Copying-policy: MIT X11R5 copyright
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