Linux Software Map: cops

  • Version: 104 (Redhat Linux configuration)
  • Entered-date: 1998-09-13
  • Description: COPS is a static security checking tool that checks common procedural (non-bug) problems of a Un*x system. It basically takes a snapshot of a system, and then generates a report of it's findings. This cops-1.04 package contains the original COPS package configured specifically for RedHat Linux (5.2).
  • are:e modified files are: cops crc_list init_kuang is_able.lst makefile pass_diff.chk suid.chk suid.stop MANIFEST The original files are included as .org. Only the shell script versions were modified for Linux. The Perl scripts were not modified for Linux. An additional file to help handle shaddow passwords in
  • is:etc/shadow is: shadow.merge Note that the Linux distribution includes the crack libraries. The modified makefile assumes that the cracklib has been installed. Note that this package is set up for a system which uses shaddow passwords. pass_diff.chk and cops are modified to support this assumption. All instructions in README.FIRST, README.1, and README.3 still hold for this version.
  • (10kB)
  • Keywords: security unix linux
  • (10kB)
  • Copying-policy: GPL
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