Linux Software Map: devinfo.tar.gz

  • Version: 1.0
  • Entered-date: 1994-10-15
  • Description: A set of utility programs which will work with scripts and aid in determining various parameters for network devices. It is useful for the ppp 'ip-up' script to aid in automating things such as sending pending mail to the remote when the remote connects to the Linux PPP server. devinfo - Obtain device information, such as IP address for the name of a device, its netmask, MTU, etc. gethost - Translate an IP address to a name and a name to an IP address. netmath - Do math with dotted IP address, such as & => 118 kB
  • Keywords: network scripts utility
  • Author: Al Longyear (
  • Maintained-by: Al Longyear (
  • Copying-policy: public domain
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