Linux Software Map: dhcpcd

  • Version: 0.70
  • Entered-date: 1997-11-05
  • Description: dhcpcd is an RFC2131 compliant DHCP client daemon. It gets an IP address and other information from a corresponding DHCP server, configures the network interface automatically, and tries to renew the lease time according to RFC2131. It works in the RFC1541 compliant mode when the '-r' option is specified. So far it is found that dhcpcd 0.70 works with the
  • servers: following DHCP servers: 1. ISC's dhcpcd-BETA-5.15 2. DHCP server on Windows NT server 3.51 3. DHCP server version 1.3b by WIDE project. 4. DHCP server in the SolarNet PC-Admin 1.5 package 5. DHCP server used in Time Warner Cable's Internet Access Service 6. DHCP server used in Bell Atlantic ADSL See the "Changes" file if you want to know the difference from the previous version.
  • Keywords: DHCP client Linux
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