Linux Software Map: forint

  • Version: 0.5.4
  • Entered-date: 2001-01-21
  • Description: C-formula interpreter library, makes parsing of C-string containing C-math expression and following calculation by virtual machines (stack or recursive call machine) or dynamically linked function (faster in six times).
  • Features: Features: - C-compatible, - radians, degrees, grads as angle units for trigonometric functions, - run time in DLF mode near to one of built-in formula (useful for intensive calculations), - external constants, variables, pointers, functions, - exhaustive error messages, There are full API documentation and diagrams explaining virtual machine run. Russification of messages has been made. A numeric calculator with a command line interface is distributed with the package as a real-world application,
  • features: its features: - calculations in random [2,36] bases, - radians, degrees, grads as angle units, - saved command history list, - external variables and constants, - executed command files, - run-time loading so-files, - batch mode,
  • 1.8k/
  • (272k)
  • Keywords: formula interpreter library calculator C++ C
  • Author: (Alexey Filin)
  • Maintained-by: (Alexey Filin)
  • Platforms: GNU/Linux
  • Copying-policy: LGPL
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