Linux Software Map: multimux

  • Version: 0.2.1
  • Entered-date: 2004-04-21
  • Description: multiplexes up to 8 mono channels into a multi channel wave file that then can be converted to 5.1 AC3 with the MS windows program AC3Machine. Delays can be specified for each channel. Also is able to pack any other file type into a wave format file (-w switch) and get the originals back again with filename and length. This feature is probably not of much use. That way you can have an AC3 channel on a DVD that has for
  • example: example: front left English, front right Spanish, rear left French, and rear right Italian. For example in a hall you can have English on the PA, and several headphones for the other three languages for people from other countries.
  • unpack: To unpack: tar -zxvf multimux-0.2.1.tgz cd multimux-0.2.1 Then follow the instructions in README. Documentation is not complete yet.
  • 1: Changes 0.2.1: size in output header was 8 bytes to big, fixed.
  • Keywords: audio wav ac3 AC3Machine BeSweet multi language subtitles, SPU, simultaneous translation.
  • Author: Jan Panteltje
  • Maintained-by:
  • Platforms: LINUX, UNIX
  • Copying-policy: GPL
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