Linux Software Map: retawq

  • Version: 0.2.6b
  • Entered-date: 2005-03-19
  • Description: retawq is an interactive, multi-threaded network client (web browser) for text terminals on computers with Unix-like operating systems. It is written in C, fast, small, nicely configurable, and comfortable; e.g. the low-level network communications are performed in a non-blocking way, and you can keep open as many "virtual windows" as you want and work simultaneously in two of them in a split-screen mode. The
  • http: project home page is .
  • (373KB)
  • Keywords: network Internet client browser user agent interactive multi-threaded, web, WWW, HTML, HTTP, https, FTP, ftps, news, NNTP, finger, CGI, TLS, SSL, IPv6, i18n, l10n, French, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese
  • Author: (Arne Thomassen)
  • Maintained-by: (Arne Thomassen)
  • Platforms: Unix-like operating systems (Posix standard)
  • Copying-policy: GPL 2.0
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