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  • Version: 3.36
  • Entered-date: 2001-04-26
  • Description: Ups is a source level debugger for C, C++ and Fortan.
  • regions:s in a window with two major regions: one showing the current state of the target program data and the other showing the currently executing source code. A key feature of ups is
  • persistent:variables display is persistent: when you add a variable to the display it stays there as you step through the code. The current stack trace (which function called which) is always visible. Ups includes a C interpreter which allows you to add fragments of code simply by editing them into the source window (the source file itself is not modified). This lets you add debugging printf calls without recompiling, relinking (or even restarting) the target program. You can also add conditional breakpoints in a natural way at the appropriate place in the
  • ups:urce window. Some things you can do with ups: + Add variables to the display by simply clicking on them in the source window. + Expand (recursively) structures and unions to show their members. + Assign to variables by editing the displayed value. + Add breakpoints by pointing with the mouse at the line where you want execution to stop. + Add interpreted code at any breakpoint, including code that calls compiled functions and assigns to variables.
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  • (1420kBups-3.36.tar.gz)
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  • Keywords: ups debugger C C++ Fortan
  • Author: (Mark Russell) (Rod Armstrong) (Russ Browne) (Ian Edwards)
  • Maintained-by: (Rod Armstrong)
  • Platforms: Sun SPARC (SunOS or Solaris) Intel 386, 586 (Linux 2.0.31, FreeBSD 2.2.2), C/C++ compiler
  • Copying-policy: Feel free to copy bits of ups for your own use (caveat: you must contact Mark Russell first if you want to incorporate the code into a commercial product). You must preserve the copyright notices.
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