Linux Software Map: xmars3d

  • Version: 0.3.8
  • Entered-date: 2005-04-14
  • Description: displays ESA and NASA PDS images from mars that have been converted to pgm with xv. You can fly around in a very large image with the cursor keys. 3D display using Asus LCD shutter glasses. This program uses the tinyptc library from
  • http: All that applies to that as far as display goes, also applies to mars3d. Hardcoded for dga2 800x600, still some fashing with nv and nvidia driver in stereo.
  • unpack: To unpack: tar -zxvf xmars3d-0.3.8.tgz cd xmars3d-0.3.8 Then follow the instructions in README. Documentation is not complete yet.
  • 8: Changes from 0.3.8: Added file list menu for positions (in ~/.xmars3d/setup). Added enlarge function (keys F2 and F1) if zoom_factor = 1;
  • Keywords: PDS 3D mars ESA NASA Linux XFree .pgm. Asus LCD shutter glasses
  • Author: Jan Panteltje
  • Maintained-by:
  • Platforms: LINUX, UNIX
  • Copying-policy: LGPL
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