Mapedit for the Macintosh

Note: Version 2.32, released Monday 5/28/01, corrects a bug which prevented earlier Macintosh releases from handling multiple imagemaps in the same page correctly, among other issues.



You must install Apple's MRJ in order to use Mapedit for the Macintosh. MRJ 1.0.2, which shipped with system 8, is too old. However, MRJ software included with later releases of MacOS may work acceptably without the need to download a newer release. You can use either MRJ 1.5.1 or Apple's latest version (currently 2.2.4).

BE SURE TO INSTALL THE MRJ AFTER YOU DOWNLOAD IT. Otherwise Mapedit simply will not work!

Downloading Mapedit for the Macintosh

We recommend using Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer to download the MRJ and our software. You will need Stuffit Expander to unpack Mapedit. Most Macintoshes with web browsers already have this software which is widely available and is not a product of Boutell.Com, Inc. Again, you absolutely must install Apple's MRJ first before Mapedit for the Macintosh will work. You need the MRJ itself, not the MRJ SDK.
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