Web Browser Questions

Why is my web browser broken?
Why is my modem so slow?
Why can't I reach my favorite website?
Why do web pages load so slowly?
Why do images look bad on my computer?
Why can't I play games on web pages?
A website says I have spyware, is it true?
Why can I only have one browser window at a time?
How do I fix a "no XLB binding for browser" error?
How do I access the World Wide Web?
Which is the fastest web browser?
Is it safe to install Firefox?
Can I still use Internet Explorer after I install Firefox?
How do I know what proxy server I am supposed to use?
I found a cool web page but I lost it. How do I get back to it?
How can I protect my kids on the Internet?
Why can't I access Internet Options in Internet Explorer?
Why does Firefox want me to install a plug-in I already have?
How can I configure my web browser to accept or reject cookies?
Do I need Java and JavaScript?
Should I update Java?
How do I change my home page?
Why doesn't View Source work in Internet Explorer?
How do I restrict access to Internet Explorer so that only certain sites can be visited?
Why do I see a blue QuickTime question mark instead of Flash movies?
How do I stop pages from resizing or moving my browser window?
I have more than one computer. Do I need more than one IP address?
How do I share my Internet connection with more than one computer?
I have DSL. Why did my connection suddenly get slow and unreliable?
What happens if my browser cache isn't big enough?
How do I install Firefox without using Internet Explorer?
Can I remove old versions of Java without breaking Java?

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