WWW FAQs: How do I stop pages from resizing or moving my browser window?

2007-08-06: Some web pages resize or move the web browswer window when they are opened. This may be useful in certain page designs, but it also has the potential to be a major annoyance.

Users who dislike this behavior can avoid it by using the Firefox web browser. With Firefox, which is freely available for all major systems including Mac, Windows and Linux, you can disable the moving and resizing of browser windows by following these steps:

1. Pull down the "Tools" menu.

2. Select "Options."

3. Click on the "Content" tab.

4. Click on the "Advanced" button next to "Enable JavaScript."

5. The "Advanced JavaScript settings" window appears.

6. Clear the "Move or resize existing windows" box.

You may also wish to clear other boxes displayed here.

Those who insist on using Internet Explorer may be able to address this problem with third-party software such as PopThis! from SurfApps.Com, but there is no official Microsoft fix. I have not tested PopThis! but it appears to have a good reputation.

I strongly recommend Firefox to users who want a browser that behaves the way they'd like it to. If you're going to download and install software, why not download a better web browser?

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