WWW FAQs: Why can I only have one browser window at a time?

2005-08-09: usually, this really means that double-clicking Internet Explorer on the desktop or launching it from the Start menu does not create a new window, but rather reuses an old one.

This behavior is normal when "Reuse Windows for Launching Shortcuts" is selected in Microsoft's "Internet Options."

You can always create a new window by pulling down the "File" menu in an existing browser window and selecting "New" and then "Window." You can also follow a link in a new window by holding down the right mouse button over the link and selecting "Open Link in New Window" from the menu that appears. Finally, if you really do want a new window every time you launch Internet Explorer from the desktop or the start menu, you caa fix this via the Internet Options panel by following these steps:

1. Select the Tools menu in Internet Explorer. 2. Pick Internet Options. 3. Pick the Advanced tab. 4. Scroll down to the Browsing section. 5. Uncheck the "Reuse Windows for Launching Shortcuts" box.

If you truly cannot create a new window from the File menu of Internet Explorer, you are facing a different problem. You probably have an old version of Yahoo Toolbar installed. Certain versions of Yahoo Toolbar are widely reported to cause this problem. To fix it, go to the "Start" menu, then "Control Panel," and then "Add / Remove Programs." Locate Yahoo on the list. Remove all Yahoo components except for, if you want them, Yahoo Install Manager and Yahoo Instant Manager. Then restart your computer normally. The problem should be gone. If you really want Yahoo Toolbar, you may be able to install a newer version without the problem by visiting toolbar.yahoo.com.

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