Creating Websites

Web Hosting Questions

Start here if you don't have a web site yet. Questions about finding and providing web hosting services, or hosting your web site yourself. Also questions about domain names.

Legal Questions

Is it legal to link to someone else's site without permission? Can I use someone else's images? These and other questions about the Web's legal implications are examined here.

Page Design Questions

Questions about web page design and layout issues. Style sheets, including pages in other pages, control and prevention of printing, making links between pages, opening new windows and other techniques.

Graphics Questions

Questions about graphics. Appropriate image sizes and file formats. Creating a favorites icon for your site.

Audio Questions

Questions about the use of audio on web sites, including MP3 format songs, streaming audio, playlists, embedding music on web pages and so on.

Video Questions

Questions about the use of video on web sites, including MPEG and DIVX video. How to embed video in a web page.

Web Site Promotion Questions

How to effectively promote your web site.

Web Site Statistics Questions

How popular is my site? Who links to my site?

Blogging Questions

Questions about blogging. How to set up a blog, how to let others know your blog is out there, etc.

Business Questions

Questions about business aspects of the Web. How to accept payment for goods, and how to earn advertising revenue.

Dynamic Web Development Questions

How to create web sites that interact with the user, instead of presenting only static web pages. Chat rooms, forums, guestbooks and more.

JavaScript Questions

Questions about JavaScript programming. See also "Page Design Questions."

Miscellaneous Questions About Creating Web Sites

The grab bag. Am I using too much bandwidth? How can I password-protect my pages? Why do some XHTML elements have an extra /?

More to Come...

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