Web Hosting Questions

How do I set up a website?
How do I register a domain name?
How do I register a .edu domain name?
How do I register a .gov domain name?
Can I host my website for free?
Why can't people connect to the web server on my PC?
Should I host my own web server?
How do I move my site to a new location?
What domain name should I choose for my site?
How can I make my website work without www. in front?
How long can a domain name be?
How do I access a server on my PC from other machines in my home or office?
How do I get a hostname for my home computer?
How do I give my computer a static local IP address?
How do I set up my router to forward ports from the Internet to my computer?
How do I let connections come into my computer's firewall?
How can I distribute large files without using too much bandwidth?
How do I host my own website at home?
How do I set up a DMZ for safer home web hosting?
How do I host a real domain name at home?
Can I register a .com domain name for free?
Why does Internet Information Server want a password?
How do I move my site to a new web host?
What is my Internet IP address?
How do I make my site accept index.shtml or index.php as a folder home page?
How come my home website is slow?
How do I host more than one website at home?
Why can't I access my home-hosted website from my own computer?
Should my company host its own web site?
Why do I have to type www. first to access my company site from my office at work?
Web hosting reviews: What web hosting company should I choose?

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