WWW FAQs: My site has low traffic. Can I still make money from ads?

2006-07-11: If your site doesn't get much traffic, most legitimate advertisers won't be interested. There's a reason an ad on the Super Bowl costs a whole lot more than an ad at 3am on Public Access Television!

At the end of the day, you need to generate traffic - sincere, potential-customer-based traffic - for an advertiser to keep them interested in working with you.

The only advertisers who will pay just for links, rather than actual clicks on those links, are those who are trying to trick Google into cranking up the rank of their websites. That's because Google ranks sites, in part, by how much other sites link to them.

But those advertisers are only interested in sites which already have a high Google rank - which usually happens as a result of building a large, happy audience over a long period of time... which leads to folks linking back to your site. And once you've done that, you may as well go with Google Adsense and other mainstream pay-per-click advertising brokers.

Some advertisers will pay for views of the ad, rather than clicks on the ad, but all advertisers realize that only a small percentage of views result in clicks, and they pay accordingly.

So: build up your audience, be patient, concentrate on pleasing your users, and when you're the next big thing... then you're ready to turn a profit from ads!

For more information, see how do I make a profit from my website?

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