WWW FAQs: How do I promote my blog?

2004-09-14: in addition to the traditional methods of promoting a website, there are several methods that are specific to blogs. First, be sure to offer an RSS feed if you are not already doing so. Second, be sure to offer your RSS feed for syndication by signing up with RSS feed registries such as Feedster and syndic8. Third, you can help search engines and other web-indexing programs to locate your RSS feed by referencing it with the following <link> element within the <head> element of your blog's web page:

<link rel="alternate"

Syndication helps others to find your blog, decide it is relevant to their needs, and start reading or re-publishing its contents regularly with RSS aggregator software. This brings your blog entries to more people and, as a result, brings new traffic to the pages your blog links to.

Legal Note: yes, you may use sample HTML, Javascript, PHP and other code presented above in your own projects. You may not reproduce large portions of the text of the article without our express permission.

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