WWW FAQs: What is a domain name?

2004-06-01: The term "domain name" usually refers to a particular organization's registered name on the Internet, such as example.com, boutell.com or udel.edu. There may be many distinct computers within a single domain, or there may be only one. The term "fully qualified domain name" refers to a complete website or other computer's name on the Internet, such as www.boutell.com or ip2039.cleveland.myisp.com. The holder of a domain name may delegate almost any number of names within that domain, such as www1.example.com, www2.example.com, whimsical.example.com, and so on.

Registered domain names are themselves part of a "top-level domain." See the top-level domains entry for more information about top-level domains such as .com, .edu, .mx, .fr and so on.

For more information about registering domain names, see how do I register a domain name, how do I register a .edu domain name, and how do I set up a website.

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