WWW FAQs: Should "website" be spelled with a space?

2007-10-24: Originally, the correct answer was "yes, and Web should be capitalized." However, usage has evolved over time to the point where "website," one word all lower case, is common and accepted usage. "Website" is found in newer dictionaries and is suggested by the Google search engine as a correction when you search for "web site."

I recently performed an informal poll of web-savvy users in which 83% preferred "website" to "web site."

While I prefer "web site" personally, it's time for those of us who have been on the web since the beginning to acknowledge that language changes over time. "Website," much like "doghouse" or "checkbook," has become a single word.

At one point, capitalizing the "w" in website to distinguish a "World Wide Web" site from an intranet website was recommended practice. But this is rarely done today.

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