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What browsers run on Amiga systems?



From Vaporware, this AmigaOS browser supports frames, SSL, HTTP/1.1, and many other modern browser functions. The next version is supposed to support Javascript and Java. Requires OS 3.x or better, and MUI.

URL:<http://www.vapor.com >


A non-MUI browser. Supports frames, Javascript, etc. Well-maintained.



An AmigaOS browser that supports many Netscape extensions to HTML, as well as forms and progressive image rendering. Requires MUI and OS 3.x or better.

This browser is a new, commercial browser from the authors of the Amiga Mosaic port (see below). URL:<http://www.omnipresence.com/ibrowse/>


Browser for AmigaOS, based on NCSA's Mosaic. Supports older Amigas as well as the newer machines, and apparently frames also. Has not been updated in a long time. See: <URL:http://www.omnipresence.com/amosaic/2.0>. See also the FAQ available at <URL:http://www.phone.net/ATCPFAQ/amosaic.html>.

Amiga Lynx

An Amiga version of the Lynx text-based browser. See <URL:http://www.fhi-berlin.mpg.de/amiga/alynx.html>.


An Amiga version of the Opera browser is being worked on. See <URL:http://www.operasoftware.com/alt_os.html>.

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