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What browsers are available for OLDER Windows machines?


"My computer is old and slow. If I could handle Netscape, I'd get Windows 95 too!"

Fortunately, there are browsers designed specifically for people in this situation who want a more compact, less demanding tool. Well, there's at least one! If you know of others, don't hesitate to sign up as an author and add more browsers to this section.


The Opera web browser requires only a 386SX and 8 megabytes of RAM. It provides compatibility with most of the web pages out there; specifically, it supports frames, JavaScript, secure pages and Netscape plugins in the latest release (3.21) as of this writing (May 1998). Opera features 128 bit encryption. There is also support for disabled users. Opera is available both for Windows 3.1 and for Windows 95/NT. Opera is sold as shareware (you can download an evaluation copy through the Internet and register if you like the software).
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