Mapedit imagemap editing software easily adds hotspots to any image on any web page. Completely WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get), completely easy.

Wusage web server log analysis software measures the popularity of your website, including unique visitors, referring sites, most popular browsers and a great deal more. Perfect for both web hosting companies and individual sites, with suitable licenses available for both.

figgif is an iPhone app that converts videos to animated GIFs on the fly. Got an idea for a cute animation loop? Make it now on your phone, upload it straight to the web and post it on Tumblr. Hosting for your animated GIFs is included. Tom Boutell's latest iPhone project.

seeoverme comes in handy at concerts and parades and anywhere else you need a "periscope" to see over or around an obstacle. Fire up seeoverme on your iPhone and that of a friend. Your friend clicks "send" and holds up his phone; you click "receive" and now you both have a better view. seeoverme uses Bluetooth, so it does not affect your 3G bandwidth cap and it does not require a cell tower or wifi hotspot.

Trackless is a free program which thoroughly erases your Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 browsing history. It is normally impossible to completely remove all traces of your web browsing habits via Internet Explorer 6 perferences and options. We at Boutell.Com believe in your right to privacy!