Effectively erase your Internet Explorer browsing history!
A simple, effective history eraser:

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Trackless thoroughly erases your Internet Explorer web browsing history -- for free. Take your privacy back today! You can't remove all traces of your browsing habits via the Windows Control Panel, but you can do it with Trackless. Trackless is one hundred percent free. For Microsoft Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, XP, 2000, and 2003. This program contains NO ads, NO adware, and NO spyware. We are sharing this software with the public because we believe in your right to privacy -- plain and simple!

Trackless is NOT for Windows Vista, Windows 7, or for Internet Explorer 7, 8 or 9 running on any operating system. Users of these systems can just pick "Delete Browsing History" from the Tools menu of Internet Explorer. ONLY those poor souls stuck with Internet Explorer 6 need this program. Thanks for reading this carefully.
News: Version 1.03 has been released, including important fixes to the uninstall feature.

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What does it do, exactly? Trackless removes URLs from the normally unreadable and invisible index.dat files in which Internet Explorer keeps its history information. Trackless removes all cookies (note: if you don't really want to delete your history and cookies... don't run this). Trackless also purges URLs from the "auto-complete" feature and removes temporary cached copies of pages. Trackless does not delete index.dat files; it surgically edits them to remove information about your personal browsing habits. Thanks to our "surgical" approach, there is no need to restart your computer after running Trackless.