Small Household Vegetarian Recipe Index

Small Household Vegetarian Recipes

Or, How to Feed Two Vegetarians for a Week

Vegetarian Thanksgiving 2006! Also including our Frugal Thanksgiving Tips, and the popular When a Non-Vegetarian Cook Hosts a Vegetarian Guest.

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"Vegetarian. Huh. So, what do you eat, a lot of salad?"

How boring. No, we eat a wide, balanced variety of foods, and we even invite folks over for our yearly Vegetarian (American) Thanksgiving Thing, a feast where some of the vegetarian dishes are richer than the turkey or ham our friends might bring. During the rest of the year, we tend to eat a lot of rice, vegetable stir-frys, noodles and tomato sauce, home-made pizza with and without cheese, burritos, corn chips and salsa, fruit smoothies, veggie stews, veggie burgers, roasted winter veggies -- you get the idea.

Listed here is just a small sampling of what we prepare in our kitchen. Most of the foods we eat are so easy to prepare that you wouldn't need a recipe, so I've not bothered to type them in and HTML-ize them. A lot of what we do is simple variation on meat-based meals, such as adding a can of rinsed black beans (instead of ground beef) to red sauce for spaghetti, or using rice/soy/almond milk (instead of cow milk) with bananas, berries, and ice to make fruit shakes.

Some of our recipes, especially the desserts, call for sugar or honey. Please read our note on the use of sugar and honey for a few comments about the vegan and vegetarian ramifications on using these ingredients.

Other recipes call for chocolate chips. Not all brands of chocolate chips are dairy-free. Please read labels when shopping!

Note on terminology: For the purposes of this index, a vegetarian is a person who eats no fish, fowl, or meat. A vegan follows a strict vegetarian diet -- no fish, poultry, or meat, but also no eggs, milk, cheese, butter, or other dairy products.


Toast and preserves; Oatmeal or cold cereal; Omelets; Bagels; Coffee or tea.
Fruit Smoothie
Vegan Waffles or Pancakes
Vegan Bisquits
Homefried Potatoes
Daily Bread


Leftovers from last night's supper; Frozen vegetarian burgers; Canned vegetable soups; Corn chips and salsa; Relish plate of various sliced vegetables; Grilled cheese sandwiches.
Philadelphia "Cheesesteak"
Hot and Sour Soup for Small Families
Onion Soup for Small Families
Squash Soup for Small Families
Vegan "Tuna Fish" Sandwich


Vegetable stir-fry with rice or couscous; Pasta with home-made sauce (see below); Casserole with noodles or squash; Frozen vegetarian burgers prepared as Salisbury "Steak" with gravy; Tacos with beans, tomatoes, lettuce, salsa, and/or cheese; Steamed fresh vegetables; Salad.
Easy Vegan Pasta Sauce
"Beaf" Stew
Ground "Beef"
Krab Kakes
Vegan Stroganoff
Home-Made Pizza (including dough)
Pizza Rolls
No-Brainer Burritos
Vegan Manicotti Filling (New for 2004!)
Side Dishes Using Cooked Pumpkin or Other Squash

Party and Beverage Recipes

Dessert Recipes

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Interested in vegetarianism as a lark or as a lifestyle? Try the Vegetarian Resource Group, which can point you to more recipes, restaurants in your local area, and facts and FAQ's about vegetarianism.