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Boutell.Com, Inc., is a privately-held small business in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. The office is located in the city's historic South Philadelphia neighborhood. The company was formed when Tom Boutell decided to take control of his own time, write a book, and expand his early World Wide Web efforts into a full-time endeavor.

Mr. Boutell has been involved with the Web since its first years of existence. He introduced the first non-technical magazine on the World-Wide Web in late 1992 and has published the World-Wide Web List of Frequently-Asked Questions since 1993.

Boutell.Com donates 10% of its net after-tax profits to non-profit and charitable organizations. To promote the company's ideals most directly, Boutell.Com provides discount prices for Mapedit, FastMenu, and Wusage to users in non-profit and educational organizations.

Boutell.Com, Inc., is a member of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce.

Finally, Boutell.Com is (use our contact page for questions, please do NOT email these people about our products):

Thomas Boutell
Author, developer, and President.
M. L. Grant
Web master emeritus.
Kate McDonnell
Occasional feats of graphic design.
Jennifer Boutell
Office Manager emeritus. Currently a board member of the North Orchard Delong Cooperative, a Tacoma, WA preschool.
Cat emeritus.