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The Web Hosting ("ISP") License allows reports on unlimited virtual domains, located in a single building!

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The Single Site License allows unlimited reports on a single website, for just $25! The Five-Domain License allows unlimited reports on five websites, for just $75!
Web Log Analysis For Your Websites
Are you ready to graduate from "page counter" software?

Wusage is a website statistics program that helps you determine the true impact of your web server. By measuring the popularity of your documents, as well as identifying the sites that access your server most often, wusage provides valuable marketing information. By determining the paths your users follow and analyzing the sites from which they come, Wusage helps you find out which outside sites are most important to you. Practically all organizations, whether commercial or educational or nonprofit, need solid numbers to make credible claims about the World Wide Web. Wusage fills that need.

Wusage 8.0 is now available for Windows, and also for many Unix operating systems.

SPECIAL WEB HOSTING PRICE: $295, for any number of customer domains analyzed on your company's equipment at a single physical location, when installed by you. These companies already have one.

Upgrade Information

All Wusage 7.1 customers who registered on or after September 1st, 2001, can unlock Wusage 8.0 with their existing key. In most cases the software will automatically detect this and you will not need to unlock it again. For other upgrading customers, the upgrade price will be one-third (1/3) of the regular price. For more details, visit our upgrade page.

Where is the special image I need to install to get the screen resolution and color depth report?

Download it by clicking here. THE IMAGE IS TINY AND TRANSPARENT, SO YOU WILL SEE AN EMPTY PAGE. THAT'S OK. Then pick "Save As" from your File menu to save the image. Now follow the instructions in our manual to CORRECTLY install the image so that it helps your web server collect screen resolution and color depth information.