Wusage 7.1 Manual: allowsites

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Wusage 7.1 Manual

allowsites Option

To reach this option in the configuration file editor, follow these steps:

1. Edit Configuration
2. Configure Filters...
3. Allowed Sites...

If you prefer to manually edit your configuration files, use the following syntax for this option:

#First example: A pattern matching anything (this is the default)
end allowsites
#Second example: A pattern matching only sites in the boutell.com domain,
#including boutell.com itself
end allowsites


The Allowed Sites (allowsites) option indicates which sites will be considered by wusage. Accesses from sites that do not match any of the patterns listed for the Allowed Sites (allowsites) option will be ignored completely by wusage. Each character of the site name is matched against the pattern. An * in the pattern matches any number of characters in the site name. Patterns have additional features, including support for regular expressions; for more information about patterns, see the Patterns and Regular Expressions section. If the Allowed Sites (allowsites) option is absent, accesses from all sites will be considered.

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