Wusage 7.1 Manual: authusers

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Wusage 7.1 Manual

authusers Option

To reach this option in the configuration file editor, follow these steps:

1. Edit Configuration
2. Configure Reports...
3. Top Authorized Users Report...
4. Chart Top Authorized Users

If you prefer to manually edit your configuration files, use the following syntax for this option:

authusers on
authusers nopie
authusers off


If present and not set to off, the Chart Top Authorized Users (authusers) option indicates that wusage should output information about the authenticated users who accessed the server. This option is only useful if you are using password protection for some or all of the documents on your site. This option is useful to determine which authenticated users accessed the server most often. "Authenticated users" are users who have logged in to a page which uses HTTP Basic Authentication or another standard authentication scheme to allow password-protected access to pages. See your server's documentation for more information about password protection for directories on your server. If the Chart Top Authorized Users (authusers) option does not appear or is set to off, no authenticated-user statistics will be included in reports. If authusers is set to nopie, no pie chart will be generated. See also How Many Authorized Users? (topauthusers).

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