Wusage 7.1 Manual: Contacting

You are looking at the manual for Wusage 7.1. This product is three years old! Check out Wusage 8.0 and its remarkable new features.

Wusage 7.1 Manual


We welcome comments from our customers.

When writing, please be sure to include the output of the wusage -v or ./wusage -v command. This version information is also displayed at the top of each page produced by the user interface. Also be sure to include your operating system and operating system version, and complete details of your problem. Otherwise, we will not be able to help you effectively. Thanks!

Email is welcome at the address Contact Us. The Wusage home page is also a valuable starting point, and we can be reached by phone and postal mail as well:

Phone: +1 206 658 8176
Fax: +1 206 658 8176
PO Box 63767
Philadelphia, PA 19147

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Table of Contents
Topical Configuration Editor Reference
Alphabetical Configuration Editor Reference
Alphabetical Configuration File Reference
Glossary of Frequently Used Terms

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