Wusage 7.1 Manual: Wusage and Local Internets (Intranets)

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Wusage 7.1 Manual

Wusage and Local Internets (Intranets)

Many webmasters working within localized Internets of a particular organization, increasingly known as Intranets, have expressed a desire to be able to chart accesses from lower-level domains within the company, rather than exclusively from top-level domains. For example, if a server is accessed only from sites within the hubrisoft.com domain, it doesn't make sense to chart edu accesses versus com accesses.

Wusage accommodates this wish. The And Subdomains Of (subdomainsof) option can be used to list all subdomains of the specified domain as top-level domains in the domains report.

You'll want to remove the Domain Groups (Continents) (domaingroups) option or provide groups of your own if your Internet is strictly internal.

"What if I don't have host names for all of my machines?"

Do some of your internal machines only have IP addresses, not host names? Not a problem. You can use the Fake DNS (fakedns) option to add site names for particular IP addresses, and you can use a pattern to assign all of the IP addresses in a particular class C subnet to the same name.
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