Wusage 7.1 Manual: Optimization Settings

You are looking at the manual for Wusage 7.1. This product is three years old! Check out Wusage 8.0 and its remarkable new features.

Wusage 7.1 Manual

Optimization Settings

Many users are concerned about the amount of memory required to analyze log files. Others are concerned about the amount of disk space taken up by reports. And of course everyone wants to see their log files analyzed as quickly as possible.

To address these concerns, Wusage offers an Optimization Settings page. From the Main Menu Page (see Configuring the Program in Advanced Mode ) or the Account Administration Page (see Configuring the Program in ISP Mode ), click the Change Optimization Settings button. You will be given an opportunity to indicate your preference in two areas:

  • 1. Compressed Reports versus Uncompressed Reports. Wusage has the ability to compress your report files on the fly, saving a great deal of disk space. This is a great thing, but it does take some extra time. Also, the built-in report viewer in Wusage can easily display these reports correctly, but if you intend to make your reports accessible via an ordinary web server you will need to configure that server appropriately. your This is not overly difficult for the Apache Server; for other servers it may or may not be possible. See the Server Configuration Tips section of the manual. If you are using ISP mode, you can solve this problem by directing your clients to view their reports directly by logging into Wusage; see the Remote Access via the -server Option section of the manual.
  • 2. Save Time versus Save Memory. Wusage 7.1 can use substantially less memory than was required by Wusage 7.0 when multiple reporting frequencies, such as daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual and summary, are turned on at the same time. However, this does cause the program to take more time to complete its analysis in most cases. You may wish to select Save Time instead if you are not receiving Out of Memory warnings.
When you have made your selections, click Save New Settings. Your settings will be used for all future updates, unless explicitly overridden using command line options. See the Command Line Options section of the manual.
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