Wusage 7.1 Manual: If You Have Problems

You are looking at the manual for Wusage 7.1. This product is three years old! Check out Wusage 8.0 and its remarkable new features.

Wusage 7.1 Manual

If You Have Problems

First, be sure you have read this manual thoroughly, especially the Software and Hardware Requirements , Server Configuration Tips and Launching the Wusage Application sections. Also read the following notes regarding common problems users experience when running wusage.

DNS Doesn't Work

Some users have difficulty with the DNS Resolution (IPs->Names) (dns) option under Windows 95 or Windows NT. This option does work properly. However, there are bugs in Windows 95 and NT that can prevent them from working under the following circumstances:
Windows 95
There is a memory leak in the original version of Windows 95 which causes the operating system to run out of memory after enough socket connections have been used (this includes the sockets used for DNS lookups). Installing the latest Windows 95 service pack should help. Please see Microsoft's site for details. We do not provide Windows 95 upgrade support. This information is provided purely as a supplement to the documentation available on Microsoft's site.
Windows NT
Windows NT versions 3 and 4 have bugs which can prevent "reverse DNS" lookups such as those used in Wusage from working properly. It is our understanding that these bugs have been fixed in Microsoft's service pack 5 for Windows NT 3.5 and in Microsoft's service pack 2 for Windows NT 4.0. (Newer service packs, if you see them on Microsoft's site, should also take care of the problem.) See Microsoft's site for details. We do not provide Windows NT upgrade support. This information is provided purely as a supplement to the documentation available on Microsoft's site.

Running Out of Memory

Wusage contains no arbitrary limitations on the maximum size of a log file to be processed. However, If your log is especially large, and especially when the Summary Reports (summary), Quarterly Reports (quarterly) and Annual Reports (annual) options are active, you may receive the following message:

Out of Memory! Wusage cannot continue without additional memory or swap space.

This occurs when your computer does not have, or will not allocate, enough memory for Wusage to successfully analyze your log.

Consider the following remedies:

Turn off longer-term reports
Turn off Monthly Reports (monthly), Quarterly Reports (quarterly), Annual Reports (annual) and/or Summary Reports (summary) reporting.
Add more virtual memory (swap space)
Most operating systems allow you to allocate additional virtual memory, sometimes called swap space or a swap file. Since virtual memory is simulated on disk, it is economical. In most cases, adding virtual memory is sufficient to allow Wusage to run.
Run fewer programs at once
If you are running many other programs, insufficient physical and virtual memory may be available to process a large log. Try running Wusage late at night when few or no other programs are running.
Add more physical memory (RAM)
If all else fails, adding more physical memory is a good solution and will typically improve the performance of your system.

"I ran Wusage on an old log file, and now I have zero accesses for the last two months! What happened?"

Wusage normally creates reports through the most recent complete day or week, and will not generate those reports again. You can override this behavior using the -b and -e command line options, which are used to force wusage to start re-generating reports at an earlier date, or to stop well before the present date. If you inadvertently produce empty reports for the most recent several weeks or months, just use the -b option to specify a date from which wusage should start re-generating those reports, and specify the more recent logfile as well using the -l option. See the Command Line Options section for more information.

If You Still Have Problems

If you still have difficulties, feel free to contact us for further assistance See the Contacting section for more information. Note that registered users will receive full email and phone support (see the Registering Your Copy Of Wusage section). Of course, we will also assist other users to get the software working properly for evaluation purposes.
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