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Wusage 7.1 Manual

searchservertemplates Option

To reach this option in the configuration file editor, follow these steps:

1. Edit Configuration
2. Configure Reports...
3. Search Server-Related Reports (Requires Referrers)...
4. Search Server Templates...

If you prefer to manually edit your configuration files, use the following syntax for this option:

altavista.com q= AltaVista
www.altavista.com q= AltaVista
altavista.digital.com q= AltaVista
www.altavista.digital.com q= AltaVista
altavista.yellowpages.com.au q= AltaVista (Australia)
www.altavista.yellowpages.com.au q= AltaVista (Australia)
end searchservertemplates


The Search Server Templates (searchservertemplates) option is used to describe how Wusage should recognize search keywords in referring URLs. This is needed to allow the generation of the Show Top Internet Search Keywords (searchkeywords), Show Top Internet Search Servers (searchservers), and Show Top Search Keywords By Search Server Used (searchkeywordsbyserver) reports.

Each entry in the list of server templates contains three things: a pattern matching the host name of the server (see the Patterns and Regular Expressions section), a prefix that appears in the referring URL immediately before the search keyword or keywords, and a full name to be used to identify the search server. Note that if two entries in the server templates list have the same full name, accesses matching both patterns will count as accesses to the same server.

The provided example contains the correct values for the Altavista (tm) search server as of 7/26/99. These and many other common search servers will be automatically included in any new configuration files you create through the user interface. The correct values may change over time, and there may be other major or minor search servers of special interest to you.

Accelerated Patterns

Wusage analyzes log files most quickly when the search server templates are simple web server names, not complex patterns. Of course, it can be tedious to enter all possible variations.

For instance, the program runs faster if you add separate templates for altavista.com, www.altavista.com, www.altavista.de, and so forth. But it is much less work to add a single entry *.altavista.*. Unfortunately, this slows the program down.

Beginning with Wusage 7.1, special accelerated patterns are supported in search server templates. These accelerated patterns provide the convenience of full patterns, but they are matched at much greater speed. See the following example:

This accelerated pattern will automatically match the partial name dogsearch even if it is preceded by www., or another computer name. Similarly, the pattern will automatically match regardless of the national domain the site is in. This means that www.dogsearch.com, www.dogsearch.co.uk, and query.dogsearch.de can all be matched by this single accelerated pattern.

Very Important: an accelerated pattern can contain at most one dot. For example, these accelerated patterns are acceptable:

But this accelerated pattern is not acceptable:
For more examples, create a new configuration file with version 7.1, and then open it in the configuration editor.
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