Wusage 7.1 Manual: Topical Configuration Editor Reference

You are looking at the manual for Wusage 7.1. This product is three years old! Check out Wusage 8.0 and its remarkable new features.

Wusage 7.1 Manual

Topical Configuration Editor Reference

Configure Email Reports

Configure Filters

Configure Graph Colors

Configure Reports

Example Visits Report

General Options

Historical Totals (Bar Charts)

Miscellaneous Output Text

Obsolete Options

Search Server-Related Reports (Requires Referrers)

Success Codes (Define a Valid Access)

Top Authorized Users Report

Top Directories Report

Top Documents Not Found Report

Top Documents Report

Top Domains Report

Top Entry Pages Report

Top Exit Pages Report

Top File Types (Extensions) Report

Top Operating Systems Report

Top Proxy Domains Report

Top Proxy Sites Report

Top Referring Sites Report

Top Referring URLs By Document Report

Top Referring URLs Report

Top Sites Report

Top Trails Report

Top Trails-With-Certain-Documents Report

Top User Agents Report

Top Users Report (Requires Cookies)

Traffic by Day

Traffic by Hour

Table of Contents
Topical Configuration Editor Reference
Alphabetical Configuration Editor Reference
Alphabetical Configuration File Reference
Glossary of Frequently Used Terms

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