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Wusage 7.1 Manual

visits Option

To reach this option in the configuration file editor, follow these steps:

1. Edit Configuration
2. Configure Reports...
3. Example Visits Report...
4. Show Example Visits

If you prefer to manually edit your configuration files, use the following syntax for this option:

visits on
visits off


If present, the Show Example Visits (visits) option indicates that Wusage should output information about individual visits to the server. Wusage estimates the duration of a visit by examining the amount of time between document requests from the same site. In Wusage 7.0 and above, the presence of a referring URL pointing to the same site also implies that the same visit is still in progress. Although no method is perfect, these estimates are normally quite accurate and useful.

When the Show Example Visits (visits) option is turned on, Wusage generates a list of "example" visits to the server. These visits are of a variety of durations and represent a cross-section of user activity on your server. You can control the number of example visits in the report using the How Many Examples? (examplevisits) option.

Every path of at least a certain minimum length as determined by the Top Trails Report: Minimum Steps (trailminimumsteps) option, followed on one or more occasions, is considered to be a trail and is considered for inclusion in the Chart Top Trails (trails) report and the Top Trails-With-Certain-Documents Report: Patterns (trailswith) report.

The Show Example Visits (visits) option defaults to on.

See also How Many Examples? (examplevisits), Include Visits Report (visitsemail), Max. Minutes Between Accesses (trailtimeout), Chart Top Trails (trails) and Top Trails-With-Certain-Documents Report: Patterns (trailswith).

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