Wusage 8.0 Manual: screen

Wusage 8.0 Manual

screen Option

To reach this option in the configuration file editor, follow these steps:

1. Edit Configuration
2. Configure Reports...
3. Report on Screen Resolution and Depth

If you prefer to manually edit your configuration files, use the following syntax for this option:

screen on    OR:
screen off   OR:
screen nopie

The Screen Resolution and Depth (screen) report displays information regarding the screen sizes used by visiting users. This report also includes information about the number of simultaneous colors available on the screens of visiting users. Pie charts present a breakdown which is organized so that one can easily see what portion of users have at least a certain minimum screen size or color "depth" (number of colors).


  • 1. Copy the provided file wusage_screen_properties.gif to the top directory of your web server's web space. This image is a 1x1 pixel transparent GIF. It has no visible effect on the web page in which it is installed to collect information.
  • 2. Embed it in your home page, or another heavily-accessed page, using EXACTLY THE FOLLOWING HTML:
    	var bName = navigator.appName;
    	var bVer = parseInt(navigator.appVersion);
    	var ver;
    	if (bName == "Netscape" && bVer >= 4) {
    		ver = 4;
    	} else if (bName == "Microsoft Internet Explorer" && bVer >= 4) {
    		ver = 4;
    	} else {
    		ver = 0;
    	if (ver >= 4) {
    		document.write('<img src="/wusage_screen_properties.gif?' +
    			'width=' + screen.width	+ '&' +
    			'height=' + screen.height + '&' +
    			'depth=' + screen.colorDepth + '">'); 	
    // -->
    Experienced users may of course modify this Javascript. The critical thing is that the image be loaded at the URL shown, with the appropriate parameters packed in the format shown. Wusage 8.0 must see the URL as shown above in order to capture the information correctly.

The Screen Resolution and Color Depth (screen) report is turned on by default. However, it will not produce useful information until the steps shown above have been followed.

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