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The chartBarColors option is used to specify the list of colors that will be used for each bar (or line) in the bar charts generated by Wusage. The first color is used for the first item in any bar chart, the second color for the second item (when using the totalsgroup option), and so on. Wusage reuses colors when it reaches the end of the list.

You may specify as many colors as you want. Due to space limitations, Wusage will only display up to eight items in the "3D bar chart" style, but more than eight colors are still useful to distinguish among the different lines drawn in the "2D line chart" style. Wusage switches to the 2D line chart style when there are more than 75 data points across or more than eight (8) items being graphed.

Colors should be specified in the standard format used to specify all colors in HTML pages:

VERY IMPORTANT: do NOT place a # in front of the color, even though HTML would allow this, because this will cause Wusage to ignore that line as a comment. We apologize for this potential source of confusion.

Don't panic. there are plenty of pages on the web that provide lists of colors in this format, because it is also used in HTML pages.

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