logfile         /path/to/log/file/access_log OR
logfile         ftp://ftp.site.com/path/to/log/file/access_log OR
logfile         http://www.site.com/path/to/log/file/access_log
logfile indicates the location of the access log file created by your web server. New in 6.0: you can specify an FTP or HTTP URL instead of a local path, at your option. Note that usernames and passwords can be specified using the following syntax:
This allows access to non-anonymous FTP and HTTP sites.

Note that proxy servers can be specified using the -ps and -pp command line options.

Files which have been compressed using gzip (not zip) will be automatically analyzed, just like regular uncompressed files. The file must exist, and must be readable by wusage. See your web server's documentation and configuration files for more information about the location of this file, or the FTP or HTTP URL at which it can be picked up. The logfile option can be overridden by the -l command line option. The special filename - indicates that wusage should expect to find access log data at standard input, which is useful in a Unix or NT "pipeline." See the logdir option and the section on reading from many log files for information about working with more than one log file.

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