msdateformat      dd-mm-yy, or mm/dd/yy, or dd-mm-yyyy, or...
msdateformat is used to tell wusage exactly how dates in "standard" Microsoft IIS logs are formatted. If you are looking for a way to control how dates appear in reports, look at dateformat instead. You will be interested in this option if you use IIS versions prior to 4.0. In version 4.0, you can use the new extended log format, which does not have this problem.

In general, wusage expects to see the day of the month where it sees dd, the month where it sees mm, and the year where it sees yy or yyyy. If yyyy is used, all four digits of the year will appear (1998 rather than just 96). If the msdateformat option does not appear, wusage will assume that the IIS log format is identical to the preferred report format which is set by the dateformat option.

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