This option is ONLY for use with servers that log several "virtual domains" to one file, such as Microsoft IIS. It is not necessary for other servers.
servername          myservername (AS IT APPEARS IN THE LOG FILE)
The servername option is used to specify the NT server name, IP address, or other logged name of the specific virtual domain that Wusage will analyze. Wusage 6.0 will look for the virtual domain name in the following places:
  • For Microsoft IIS: in the standard place for this field under Microsoft IIS. This is a standard feature of Microsoft IIS when virtual domains are being served.
  • At the end of each line of the log file, after all of the normal "common log format" fields, optionally in quotes. Wusage will look for this field among any "extra" fields in your log. See the server configuration tips section for more information.
  • In the almost never used "user ident" field (not the authenticated user name field, which is often used). Some servers can be configured to log the virtual domain name here. Wusage will recognize this if the servername option is present and this field contains a name with at least one dot (.).
If the servername option is present, Wusage will analyze only log entries that contain that server name. Otherwise, Wusage analyzes all valid log entries found.
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